Parent-led learning is at its optimum with the Touch program. Customize your child’s curriculum as you deem fit, as a seasoned HG homeschool advisor walks alongside you every step of your journey. From kickstarting your homeschool year to finishing it up well, you can count on your advisor to give you guidance and encouragement, and HG to take care of all the administrative aspects of your homeschooling while also providing you with trainings to help you become the best parent-educator for your child.

Customized curriculum

Option of grade-level kits (preselected from the best publishers)

Dedicated Homeschool Advisor

Quarterly Portfolio Reviews

Records and Support

Top-Notch Accreditation

Learn Group

 High Unite

HG PLUS (Parent Level Up Seminars)

Parent Teacher Certification

 Access to exclusive HG events (Graduation, Student Summit, Purity Ball, student camps

 Community Acquaintance Fair

 Family Sports Day

 One HG Thanksgiving