How your family pressed on in your homeschooling journey amid this challenging season is a feat worth celebrating! We’re going to turn up the fun because we are celebrating as one HG family, from the Middle East, and all other parts of the world!

When: December 12, 2020
2:00PM to 7:00PM
(Philippine time)
10:00AM to 3:00PM
(UAE time)
9:00AM to 2:00PM
(Qatar and KSA time)

Where: Fams of HG Facebook Group

*Make sure to constantly check your e-mail, the Facebook group, and messages from your Learning/Support Advisors via WhatsApp for updates and reminders regarding the event.

But even before then, we’ve prepared exciting activities to help you reflect on your homeschooling moments and why you are #gratefulforhomeschool.

Avenues to share your stories and showcase your children's giftings and learnings

Opportunities to learn from and create connections with other homeschoolers from around the world

Bless your sponsored children from World Vision with encouraging messages

Learn Group Vlogs

Deadline of signups:
November 24 (1:00PM, UAE time; 12:00NN, Qatar and KSA time)

Learn Group Meetup/Planning Kickoff: November 26 (time TBC, kindly wait for your advisor’s message regarding this)

Deadline of vlog submission: December 9
(1:00PM, UAE time; 12:00NN, Qatar and KSA time)

Share your stories to the larger HG community and at the same time, strengthen your bonds with your homeschooling peers as you interact, collaborate, and enjoy each other’s virtual company while conceptualizing and producing your Learn Group Vlog!

Sign up below to take part in creating your Learn Group’s vlog entry. HG Advisors will coordinate with all interested participants by Learn Group to connect them with one another and kick off the vlogs’ planning and production.


Three winners per category will be determined by a panel of judges and online votes, based on the following criteria:

  • Video Content and Relevance to the theme – 25%
  • Creativity and Originality – 25%
  • LG Members’ participation  – 25%
  • Video or Production Quality – 25%
  • Open to HG-enrolled families across the world, and Learn Groups across all HG programs. 
  • Create a vlog-type compilation video with the theme “Grateful for Homeschool”. Videos must run for a minimum of five (5) minutes and a maximum of twenty (20) minutes, should be in landscape format, and should NOT include songs with inappropriate substance (ex: curse words and themes).
  • Each Learn Group may only submit one vlog entry. Your advisors will guide you through the submission process.
  • For your safety, you must not meet up in large groups to produce your vlog. Please utilize instead the various available technologies out there to share the videos or photos each family has created for centralized editing to your assigned Learn Group teammate/s.
  • Enlisting the help of professional videographers, editors, animators, music editors, and the like who are not currently enrolled HG homeschooling parents/students is not allowed. HG parents who will lend their professional creative prowess may only do so for their specific Learn Group. 

HG’s Got Talent Showcase

Deadline of submission: December 8, 2020 (1:00PM, UAE time; 12:00NN, Qatar and KSA time)

This is your children’s opportunity to take their spot on (the virtual) stage and sing, dance, act, and perform their hearts away! Have they got the talent but also stage fright? Walk them through the preparations and assure them that it’s not about perfection, but about having fun.

Videos must be uploaded on Google Drive, with access shared to shine-me@homeschool.global


Three winners per category will be determined by a panel of judges and online votes, based on the following criteria:

  • Performance Content and Relevance to the theme – 25 %
  • Performance Execution – 25 %
  • Creativity and Originality – 25 %
  • Showmanship – 25%
  • Open to all Homeschool Global students, across grade levels and programs. There will be two categories: Individual and Group (maximum of 10 members per group).
  • Participants must submit a minimum of two (2)-minute to a maximum of five (5)-minute video performance with the theme “Grateful for Homeschool”.  Videos should be in landscape format, and should NOT include songs with inappropriate substance (ex: curse words and themes).

Homeschool Virtual Expo

Deadline of submission:  December 7, 2020 (1:00PM, UAE time; 12:00NN, Qatar and KSA time)

This is a wonderful avenue for your children to exhibit their creativity! On top of that, you’ll also get to impart to them lessons on stewardship and accountability, as you support their budding business.


  • Open to all HG student-entrepreneurs (solo or group), across hubs, regions, grade levels, and programs. Parents may not participate, but may assist their children with the setup.
  • Participants must submit the following:
    – Name of student or group
    – Type of products
    – Title of Business
    – List of products and prices (in JPG format)
    – Photo of products
    – Link to the FB page of the business (if none yet, please make one)
    – Photo of entrepreneur/s
    – Logo of business (if any)
  • Products will be showcased via Facebook Live during the December 12 event, and also promoted in the Fams of HG Facebook group, but all transactions will solely be between the seller and the buyer.
  • Participants must submit the following.
  • If God touches their hearts to give, student entrepreneurs may donate part of their proceeds to World Vision via the link provided in the “Blessed to Bless” section.

Gratitude Time Capsule Workshop

Learn how to make a creative keepsake to beautifully collate your favorite memories of 2020! 

Prepare the materials for the December 12 event where you will create it on the spot as you gather with your Learn Group in a breakout session activity.



  • Open to HG-enrolled families across the world, and across programs.
  • Prepare the following materials:
        •  Unused boxes (milk  carton,  phone terminal box, power adaptor box, or small shoe or sandal box) 
        • Pages of magazines from which to cut designs (flowers, geometrics, sceneries)
        • Board pattern with 2″x2″ square hole
        • 2 ft Red or Green ribbon
        • Roll-on Glue
        • Pair of scissors
    • We will have a workshop facilitator on December 12 who will walk you through the process of creating your family’s Gratitude Time Capsule.
    • Breakout sessions will be per Learn Group, meeting link will be shared on the day of the event.

Blessed to Bless

Deadline of submission: December 10, 2020 (1:00PM, UAE time; 12:00NN, Qatar and KSA time)

Send an encouraging message to your World Vision sponsored child or extend blessings to more World-Vision families through their Christmas outreach program.


  • All HG-enrolled families are assigned a sponsored child as part of HG and World Vision’s “One 2 One” Program.
  • Trainings will be conducted at the Learn Group level to guide the parents and students how to make the most out of the opportunity to encourage their sponsored children.
  • Students may submit either a LETTER or an ARTWORK
  • Submissions must be in PDF or JPG format.