BJU Bible Truths B Student Worktext (4th ed.) (PH)

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The all new student text for Bible Truths B: The Story of the Old Testament takes an exciting and different approach to Bible study. Instead of presenting the Old Testament as a series of unconnected stories, it teaches the student the Bible’s one story. God is at work redeeming His fallen creation—climactically through Jesus—and every small story in the Bible makes sense only in light of that big story. The Old Testament still teaches moral lessons, but Gideon and Noah and Moses are not the big heroes; God is. Bible Truths B: The Story of the Old Testament covers the historical books as well as “The Writings”—Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon are covered in extensive feature boxes. Critical thinking questions follow every section of the student text, helping students to remember, understand, and apply Scripture.

  • Edition – 4th ed. (locally printed with permission)
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