Writers in Residence Vol. 1 Set

For grades 4-8.

The Writers in Residence (WIR) series is a writing-focused language arts program. While completing high-interest writing assignments, students learn about sentence structure, the parts of speech, and the conventions of the English language for punctuation, capitalization, and usage. This meaningful context shows students how skill and understanding in the language arts enable them to create clear, engaging stories and essays readers want to read.

This item includes the All in One Student Text & Workbook + the Answer Key.

  1. Writers in Residence™ provides a biblically-based framework for kids to think about language and communicate effectively in writing.
  2. Your family will love this powerful learning tool because it includes:
  3. A complete writing curriculum that integrates grammar, punctuation, and capitalization
  4. An easy-to-use All-In-One Student Text and Workbook
  5. A helpful answer key with directions, checklists, and evalutation rubric for every writing assignment that takes the guesswork out of evaluating your child’s writing
  6. A detailed lesson plan outline for four days a week for thirty-two weeks, make planning and teaching a breeze
  7. Appropriate content for grades 4 through 8
  8. Lively and engaging tone, written to the student
  9. Visually pleasing page layouts, designed to guide your student through the lessons
  10. Compelling interviews with favorite Christian authors
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